Mass Creativity 2021

Mass Creativity is an artist-led community outreach program that involves the community to help provide inspiration for a new art installation in the Museum created by an artist-in-residence. The 2021 Mass Creativity program took place virtually in collaboration with artist David Israel Reynoso and his OPTIKA MODERNA theatre company. Seven community centers throughout San Diego each received art kits for children to discover the story of Teatro Piñata (an installation by Reynoso that opened at the Museum in November 2021) and created their own paper theatre and poster designs. Families were then invited to share their creations with the artist in a virtual community event!

The program culminated in an all-day free celebration of art, creativity and community called Mass Creativity Day held at The New Children’s Museum in October 2021.

For 2021, we are partnered with the following community centers:

Barrio Logan College Institute
Casa Familiar
City Heights Weingart Library
Skyline Hills Library
The San Diego LGBT Center
Solutions for Change

Key 2021 Dates

Virtual Mass Creativity Community Event
Oct. 1, 6pm on Zoom

Community members shared their Mass Creativity art kit creations with artist David Israel Reynoso, the creator of Teatro Piñata!

Mass Creativity Day
Oct. 23, 9am-3pm at the Museum

An all-day outdoor free celebration of art, creativity and community held in the Museum Park. Participants enjoyed live music, food, hands-on art-making activities and free admission to the Museum!

Meet the Artist

David Israel Reynoso is a San Diego-based artist and theatre designer. He is a recipient of a San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Award as well as a 2011 Obie Award for Sleep No More the mysterious, non-linear theatre production in which audiences could touch, smell and even taste. He also founded OPTIKA MODERNA, the innovative, immersive theatre company that creates “bold experiences that allow participants to peer through the eyes of another.” Reynoso was the 2021 Mass Creativity artist-in-residence and collaborated with the Museum and the community on the art installation called, Teatro Piñata, that opened at The New Children’s Museum in November 2021.  Visit the artist’s website.

Mass Creativity 2021 is made possible in part by: