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We are working hard to be a creative resource and help you #thinkplaycreatefromhome with your kids! We plan to regularly share DIY activities, printable coloring pagesToddler Time, information from our artists and creative content from like-minded organizations. Visit us: @thenewchildrensmuseum (Instagram), @newchildrensmuseum (Facebook), @iheartncm (Twitter). 

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The New Children’s Museum is an arts-based children’s museum, focused on art and play to promote critical skills like creativity, confidence, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Your support is needed during this unprecedented time now more than ever. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.


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  • Save this coloring page of The Rain House for a rainy day at home and imagine you’re inside its colorful walls. Download + print the PDF at the link in bio. 🌧🏠
Did you know that The Rain House created by Ernest Silva has been a signature piece welcoming visitors on the Upper Level since our opening in 2008? 
#thinkplaycreatefromhome #coloringpages
  • If you missed artist @wes_sam_bruce livestream on IG this morning, we’re sharing a portion of it here, in which he does a rare telling of The Wonder Sound Origin Story! Tune in with the kids and learn how the world of The Wonder Sound came to life! 
To watch the full livestream video, go to https://livethecuriouslife.com/daily-livestream where it will be posted and explore other The Wonder Sound creative resources the artist is providing.
  • Explore the many passages of The Wonder Sound from home by doing this maze/coloring page! (Swipe to see the maze.) To complete it, visit each animal of The Wonder Sound without going over the same path twice! Link in bio to download and print the PDF. 
Tip: Listen to music from The Wonder Sound while doing the maze on artist @wes_sam_bruce website: www.livethecuriouslife.com/the-wonder-sound 
And check out more coloring pages, videos and other fun resources about this installation on there too! #thinkplaycreatefromhome #coloringpages #thewondersound
  • Kids can now imagine playing in Wobbleland as they fill in the colors of this new coloring page inspired by the installation! Wobbleland, created by artist Marisol Rendón, is our play space for toddlers filled with oversized soft food sculptures in a giant kitchen sink. Swipe for a preview of the coloring page and download/print it at the link in our bio! #thinkplaycreatefromhome #coloringpage
  • Promote problem solving skills in kids by having them make a Scramble Screen that reveals hidden messages! This DIY project was inspired by a past workshop in our Innovators LAB teaching kids key cyber security concepts. What’s your secret message? Link in bio for the step-by-step instructions. #thinkplaycreatefromhome #DIYproject
  • Today’s coloring page is inspired by Nature Matching System by artist @tattfoo (Tattfoo Tan). This colorful mural covers the walls on two floors of the Museum and consists of 58 @pantone colors representing 58 different fruits and veggies. Download, print and color your own version of the Nature Matching System wall at the link in our bio! Swipe to see a preview of the coloring page. #thinkplaycreatefromhome #coloringpages

Temporary Closure as of 3/16

The Museum is temporarily closed. Click here for information about our closure and cancellations.