Facilitated Workshops

Community Ceramic Scuplture

Mon + Wed-Sun
10:30am + 2:30pm

Create your own mask!

Workshop is first come, first serve

Workshop availability subject to change. Please check our calendar for updates. 

The Museum's makerspace

The Rosso Family Foundation Innovators LAB is our collaborative makerspace where we work with local artists and experts from various fields to create a design challenge to nurture creativity, problem solving, skill building and learning.

What sets the Innovators LAB apart from other makerspaces is the inclusion of resident professionals which include artists, architects, engineers and others. These resident professionals develop design challenges alongside our Creative Team to provide open-ended, skill-building projects that explore real world issues. The Innovators LAB targets families with children ages 6-13 and provides opportunities to experiment with a variety of ideas, materials and hands-on techniques.

current workshops

Community Ceramic Sculpture (6+)

Mon + Wed-Sun
Morning Signup: 9-10am
Morning Workshop: 10:30am
Afternoon Signup: 1-2pm
Afternoon Workshop 2:30pm

Mary Cale Wilson, an interdisciplinary ceramic artist and professor at SDSU, begins her residency at the Innovators Lab!

During her residency, guests will collaborate with our team of Teaching Artists to craft various ornamental beads through diverse hand-building methods.

Visitors have the option to either take their creations with them or opt to have them fired and integrated into the Community Ceramic Sculpture, “The Whole is Greater“. The final communal sculpture will be displayed in the Innovators Lab!

Open Making

Mon + Wed-Sun
9am + 1pm

Think, play and create with us! Discover your own making experience and bring ideas to life using a range of art materials, textiles, tools and more.

Virtual Design Challenges

Experience open making at home and create a unique piece of artwork using everyday household items listed in each design challenge. Click here to view design challenge videos.