Explore art + play in our park!

Our new “outdoor experience” takes place on Island Avenue (closed to traffic) and in the Museum Park, featuring a variety of fun activities and art-making opportunities for families. You can cruise around our mini city in a toy car, joust in a chariot, get lost in a muslin maze, water paint and more!

Park Activities

Apex Chariots by Roman De Salvo

Try your skills at chariot jousting! Joust with a partner or try to knock off the targets.

Chalk Wall

Add your unique drawing to the chalk wall!

Island Drivin’

Choose a car and test your driving skills around our Island Avenue mini city!

Muslin Maze

Explore the flowy maze and see if you can find your way through to the other side!

Play Cubes

Explore, climb and play with the different cubes!

Tree for Littles
Ages 4 and under + caregivers

Engage in moments of relaxation, exploration and learning with your little one!

Water Painting

Use water to make temporary paintings on the water canvas! The image will disappear as the water evaporates.

Food Trucks

Kona Ice

Friday-Sunday, 11am-2pm

Eat Your Heart Out

May 9 + 16, 11am-2pm

Cowgirl Q

May 14, 11am-2pm

Pomodoro Rosso

May 15, 11am-2pm

Born in Brooklyn

May 21, 11am-2pm

Ticket Reservations

Reserve your spot today! Online ticketing and member reservations are now open! Click here.