Mass Creativity 2018

This year marked Mass Creativity’s 6th year at The New Children’s Museum- this year also marked the Museum’s 10th anniversary as The New Children’s Museum and 35th anniversary in San Diego! We celebrated with art-making workshops inspired by discovery, diversity and community. Many people joined our Museum’s Creative Team in these free hands-on workshops where we celebrated culture and share our stories through art and play. Saturday, June 23 from 10am-3pm was our FREE all-day Museum event complete with live entertainment, festivities, art-making and more!

For 2018 we partnered with the following community centers:

Casa Familiar Civic and Recreation Center
Barrio Logan College Institute
Paradise Hills
The San Diego LGBT Community Center
Solutions for Change
South Bay Community Services at Castle Park Elementary
Southern Sudanese Community Center

2018 workshop theme

PEOPLE + PLACES PROJECT by local artist Rizzhel Javier

Inspired by family, travel and conversations.

Visitors celebrated family stories at our Mass Creativity workshop with free hands-on art-making activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Meet the artist behind the workshops

Rizzhel Javier is a San Diego based artist and educator. She graduated college with a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from San Diego State University in 2012. Rizzhel is an active member of the arts community in the region. Her work explores topics in communication, identity, memory and human relationships. Trained in darkroom photography, in the last ten years, Rizzhel has combined her images with sculpture, installation and digital media. Her pieces are playful and often require the viewer to engage physically with the work. She works autobiographically, using art and photography, to explore personal, community and global transformation. Through sharing personal stories, Rizzhel hopes to encourage viewers to recall their own memories, personal experiences and reflection. Check out Rizzhel’s People and Places Project, an exploration of identity, storytelling and community.

Mass Creativity 2018 was generously funded by:

Museum Open Memorial Day 5/27

NCM will be open Memorial Day, Monday, May 27.

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