Mass Creativity 2020

Mass Creativity is an artist-led community outreach program that involves the community to help provide inspiration for a new art installation in the Museum created by an artist-in-residence. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Mass Creativity free community workshops took place virtually on our private Facebook Group, in which our community partners and members were invited to join. The program usually culminates in an all-day free celebration of art, creativity and community called Mass Creativity Day. During the COVID closure of 2020, this festival was not held. Instead, the Museum delivered Mass Creativity kits to thousands of families around the county through its community partnerships.

For 2020, we are partnered with the following community centers:

Barrio Logan College Institute
Casa Familiar Civic and Recreation Center
City Heights Weingart Library
Paradise Hills at Skyline Hills Library
The San Diego LGBT Center
Solutions for Change
South Bay Community Services

Virtual Challenges with PANCA

El Más Allá: Imagining a Hopeful World
May 5 – June 2 

What if you could imagine a new world beyond this one? El Más Allá (mahs ah-YAH) was a four-week virtual experiencein which participants worked with artist-in-residence, Panca, to create an imaginary world of health and light! Every Tuesday at 9am, from May 5-June 2, a virtual challenge from Panca was introduced on the Museum’s private Facebook Group to help imagine how characters in El Más Allá live. Participants’ creative submissions to each virtual challenge helped provide inspiration for Panca’s next mural that will become a part of The New Children’s Museum’s new art installation coming in 2021. In addition, there were virtual drawing and painting tutorials with the artist called Painting with Panca that featured characters from El Más Allá.

Painting with Panca Video Tutorials: 

Watch How to Draw Maslow
Watch How to Draw Pinky
Watch How to Draw Chelo
Watch How to Draw Mimo

Meet the Artist

Panca (aka Paola Villaseñor) lives and works in Tijuana. She is an international artist known for her playful street art, which has appeared everywhere from walls in Mexico City to the galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD). As a child, Panca visited The New Children’s Museum and recalls painting the Painted Object, which was one of her first experiences with painting something on a large scale. This left a big impression on her and has inspired her artwork today. Her work SMILE, currently adorns the Museum’s entry bridge, welcoming visitors with bright colors and playful smiles.

Mass Creativity 2020 is made possible in part by: