Camps teach children essential skills necessary for their growth.

Camps are so much more than free play and singing Kumbaya, they are stimulating, essential parts of your child’s development. Skills like compassion, individuality, confidence, comradery and so much more. Skills that will last them for a lifetime.


Don’t believe us? Hear it from a camper.

In 2000, a variety of American Camp Association (ACA) approved campers were asked what they learned in camp. Below are just a few of their responses (

I was more confident, wanted to know everything, was excited to be in school and get good grades in 7th grade.” (12-year-old female)

“My experience helped me look at challenging situations differently and instead of giving up, finding a way around them.” (14-year-old female)

I learned how to be on my own without someone with me all the time.” (12-year-old male)

I learned to have more patience and to appreciate the things I have.”(10-year-old female)

“At camp I think that I can do more and be proud of myself.” (13-year-old female)

I learned to listen to what other people say.” (10-year-old male)


Still don’t believe us? Hear it from our Museum camp expert.

At The New Children’s Museum, we offer camps that encourage creativity and imagination, play, wonder and exploration. Our camps provide children ages 4-12 a platform to be themselves, embrace their individuality and explore art in a collaborative environment.

Alisa Miller is a vital contributor to our camp programming here at the Museum. We sat down with her to answer a few questions about her own experiences with camp and what sets our Museum camps apart from others.

-Could you briefly describe your first experience with camp when you were a child and what type of characteristic it helped you build?

I think I always felt more independent at camp than I ever did at school. Even though there were planned activities, we always had more say in what our day looked like than at school. My favorite part of camp was when we wore our counselors down and got them to let us play Oregon Trail on the computers!

-What is one of your favorite camp moments you have witnessed here at the Museum?

This is a tough one! I think my favorite thing about camp is getting to watch kids gain skills and grow up – they are so different, even from spring to summer or from summer to fall. Whether they are learning new words or finally mastering the sewing machine, seeing how they change and evolve is by far the most rewarding part of camp for me.

-What sets our camp programming apart from others?

We offer a unique blend of skill-building and creative play that I think would be hard to find somewhere else. We’re lucky that we have such an inspiring space that really allows kids to explore their own ideas and goals in the Museum’s galleries. When you pair that with the incredible talent of our Teaching Artists, who bring their own art practices into the classrooms, there’s a lot of room to expose kids to new ideas and practices that will help them grow into amazing little humans. Plus, it’s so FUN!


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