Here at The New Children’s Museum, we consider our members a part of the family. That being said, we wanted to take the time to show them just how special they are to us [and show them off to the world 😉 ]

Every month, we will feature one member family on the blog in Member Spotlight.

Meet our wonderful family for April’s Member Spotlightthe Menkes: Chris, Erica and Tory (2). They have been members of the Museum since December 2014 and we’re always so happy to see their smiling faces out on the floor.

1.Do you remember your first time you visited the Museum?

We remember taking [Tory] before she could walk. We would spend the whole time upstairs in the kitchen sink exhibit [Wobbleland]. We also remember thinking how cool it would be when she was big enough to explore the whole museum.

2.What is/are your favorite thing(s) to do at the Museum?

It’s difficult to name her favorite exhibit because that changes weekly. Right now it’s probably going “Kaboom” in the new bounce house upstairs as long as there is not “too many big kids.” Some of her other favorites are:

  • Making snakes, donuts, and bananas out of clay.
  • Making sand pies and sifting for gold in the sand box.
  • Dropping balls down the tube in tree house.
  • Finger painting at toddler time.
  • Having a snack while playing with Rody.
  • Putting on the red shoes downstairs.
  • Looking for starfish in the bubbles.
  • Pretending to sleep with the egg blanket in the kitchen sink.
  • Lining up all the cars in the car exhibit when it’s not busy.
  • Painting the cactus with her smock on.

She also loves all the people that we have met; girls that work in the parking garage, everyone at the front desk, the staff at toddler time and everyone who works at the different exhibits. The entire staff has been so good to her. We have also meet lots of cool kids, parents, and grandparents at the museum.

3.Who would win in a Car-a-oke contest? Mom or Dad? 

Lets just say that Tory plugs her ears anytime she hears either mom or dad sing. Unfortunately, good vocals do not run on either side of the family.

4.Quick! What’s the first word you think of when I say New Children’s Museum?

“ChilDREN muSEEEEuum!!!”  (In Tory’s voice.)

5.Kids say the darndest things: What’s a funny thing your little one has said lately?

This morning she asked, “google ice cream truck suitcases?”

6.What’s your family’s favorite weekend activity (besides visiting us, of course!)

Walking to the farmer’s market in Little Italy and then to Waterfront Park.

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