artists we've worked with

The Museum commissions contemporary artists to design and create interactive art installations for children and families to explore. The list below includes most of the artists the Museum has collaborated with since our re-opening in 2008.

Marcus Deridder and Taylor McCabe
The World of Les Mor and Mor No Mor

Tanya Aguiñiga
Texture Forest/Bosque de Textura, childsplay

Marìa Alòs
The Archive Project, childsplay

Gustavo Artigas
Constructing (Backwards), childsplay

Lee Boroson
Graft, childsplay

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot
Harmonichaos 2.1, childsplay

Matthew Bradley
I know what I saw – Museum Display

Wes Bruce
The Wonder Sound

Alberto Caro
A Bird’s Playground, childsplay

Collective Magpie
Globos, Eureka!

Roman de Salvo
The Legway, childsplay
Apex Chariots, Animal Art
Desert Derby, Eureka!

Felipe Dulzaides
Missing Links, Animal Art

Sam Easterson
Animal Perspectives, Animal Art

Mike Eastman
Comair Rotron, TRASH

Kota Ezawa
Stereo Trash, TRASH

Kianga Ford
The Complex, SD/TJ Hillside-12, TRASH

Fruit of the Gods, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food

Maurycy Gomulicki
Pink Bridge, childsplay

Jason Hackenwerth
Agartha; Quetzalcoatl; Return of Trilodon; Venus, Animal Art
Crystal Cortex

Jeff Irwin Cougar
Large Antelope, Dumbo, Fishstick #3,
Animal Art

Rizzhel Javier
People + Places, The Community Gallery

Jesse Kaminsky
A Distant Episode featured in the Sandbox Gallery, Eureka!

Allan Kaprow reinvented by Brian Dick
No Rules…Except 2000/2008, childsplay
No Rules…Except 2008/2018

Ross Karre
Sound Kitchen, Feast: The Art of Playing
With Your Food

Sun K. Kwak
Untying Space, Animal Art

Three Horned Beast (and Baby Beast), TRASH

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

Machine Project
(with Mark Allen, Tod Kurt and Carlyn Maw)

Cash Machine, TRASH

Jessica McCambly
Float, TRASH

Julio Morales
Zebra Crossing, Animal Art

Mark Mulroney
“Don’t put that in your mouth” and other good advice from my mother, childsplay

Vik Muniz
Atlas (Carlão), Pictures of Garbage, 2008;
The Bearer (Irmã), Pictures of Garbage, 2008; Woman Ironing (Isis), Pictures of Garbage, 2008; Marat (Sebastião), Pictures of Garbage, 2008; Mother and Children (Suellen), Pictures of Garbage, 2008, TRASH


Alison Pebworth
Reconnecting to Home, Eureka!

Renè Peralta
Fibonacci’s Coop/La jaula de Fibonacci, childsplay

PUBLIC (Jim Gates and Jim Brown)
Eye Spy, childsplay

Marcos Ramírez ERRE in Collaboration
with David Goldberg

Toy An-Horse, Animal Art

Marisol Rendon
Wobbleland, Feast: The Art of Playing
With Your Food

David Israel Reynoso
Teatro Piñata

Mary Rochon
My California Dream (costumes), Eureka!

Nick Rodrigues
Porta-Party, childsplay
Car-A-Oke, Eureka!

Jason Rogenes
Megalitransponder, TRASH

Leah Rosenberg
I made this for you, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food

Phil Ross
Mol_d, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food

Katie Ruiz
Brian and the Bugs

Regan Russell

Ernest Silva
The Rain House, childsplay

Shinique Smith
Secret Garden, TRASH

Chris Sollars
Play-Fill, TRASH

Aaron T. Stephan
Building Houses/Hiding Under Rocks, childsplay

Eva Struble
Ocotillo Sunset

Tattfoo Tan
Nature Matching System, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food
S.O.S 5P.M. West, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food

teamLab Kids
Sketch Aquarium

Diana Thater
Delphine, childsplay

The Ecology Center
Connect the Drops, Eureka!

The Institute for Figuring
Midden (2007-2011), TRASH

The Old Boys Club and Kota Ezawa
Napoli, TRASH

Mungo Thompson
b/w, Animal Art

Jason Torchinsky
Food Truckin’, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food

Perry Vasquez
Animal Aktion, Animal Art

Zlatan Vukosavljevic
Tent City, childsplay

Nina Waisman
Orange we… , Feast: The Art of Playing
With Your Food

Alison Wiese
Barn Dance, Animal Art

Woodbury University School of Architecture Stacked Stories, Feast: The Art of Playing
With Your Food

Writerz Blok with Chor Boogie and Pose 2 Dynamics, childsplay

Joe Yorty
Dinner T.V., Feast: The Art of Playing
With Your Food