“All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you." Octavia E. Butler

Seeding Futures is the first of its kind long-term youth focused exhibit on the life and work of American science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006). 

On March 9, 2024, the exhibit entitled Octavia E. Butler: Seeding Futures will open to the public at the New Children’s Museum! The exhibit will be a room-sized installation that imaginatively embodies Butler’s story through a speculative rendering that explores Butler’s childhood inspirations and influences. While interacting with the exhibit, youth and multi-generational audiences will be able to engage in worldmaking to imagine fantastical ways to adapt to and shape change in the future.

Leading up to the exhibit, we’ve collaborated with a network of advisors, community partners and artists to envision and plan this exhibit. In August 2023, we hosted the Seed-to-Tree workshop! Community members attended the gathering for a weekend of art making through different mediums, creative writing, and sharing their ideas for the upcoming exhibit. Thank you to the Seed-to-Tree community who joined us for an imaginative and inspiring weekend!  

Join us on March 9 at The New Children’s Museum to experience Octavia E. Butler: Seeding Futures!

March 9: Octavia E. Butler Seeding Futures Panel

Join us for a free panel discussion on Saturday, March 9 from 2-3pm at UCSD Park and Market.

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Octavia E. Butler

Photographer: Mark Hanauer

Seed-to-Tree Workshop August 2023

This two-day gathering explored the legacy and life of award-winning visionary author Octavia E. Butler through an interactive workshop with selected Earthseed Fellows. Scroll for highlights of this amazing collaboration!

meet the seeding futures collective

Butler encouraged each of us to reimagine the ways we build community and how we create more intentional spaces of belonging.  Throughout the research, dreaming, and development process of this exhibit we’ve remained grounded in Butler’s vision of community, and have collaborated with various field experts and creatives who, like Butler, are telling stories of alternative futures that are fairer, more just and hopeful.   
The Seeding Futures Collective consists of the following collaborators: 

This installation is made possible in part by