An active space for toddlers to play with food sculptures

Infants and toddlers 4 and under have exclusive reign in Wobbleland’s giant kitchen sink.

The artist has created an area that resembles a giant kitchen sink and filled it with oversized soft food sculptures. Infants and toddlers 4 and under have exclusive reign in Wobbleland, where they can make creative discoveries: explore an avocado teeter-totter, play with slices of a giant tomato, crawl through a cheese wedge and so much more. Each sculpture presents challenges such as stacking, spinning, sorting and rocking and invites its young audience to explore. Toddlers use play to understand the world around them and develop important skills as they interact with each food sculpture.


All About Art: Wobbleland

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Who Made This?

Marisol Rendón
Manizalez, Colombia
San Diego, California

Marisol Rendón is an artist who works with both sculpture and drawing as tools to explore her questions about our relationship to the world around us. She works with the magical possibilities of everyday objects and asks us to rethink our relationships with them through fantastic new opportunities: an avocado wedge that can be ridden as a teeter totter or giant tomato slices that are also a stackable puzzle. Marisol is particularly interested in creating work for toddlers to stimulate the fluid and creative ways that they observe and define objects.