Dive into books and read with us in our very own library

Explore the infinite possibilities that books can present.

This unique library, built out of plywood and previously displayed in our Lower Level, includes organic shapes and repeating horizontal lines that transform the space into a beautifully soothing sculptural installation. The juxtaposition of open areas with discreet reading nooks provide a perfect setting for children and families to delve into books individually or together. Comfortable reading spaces with easy-to-reach books complete the functionality of the space.

Who Made This?

Woodbury University’s School of Architecture

The New Children’s Museum invited third year architecture students from Woodbury University’s School of Architecture in San Diego to design and build a library space for visitors. The project was structured as an internal design competition with 29 students competing on 8 teams. For the project, two designs that included open areas with intimate reading nooks were selected. The two teams then had to work together to reformulate a final layout. The library was designed and built entirely by the students with guidance from their professors.

Students: Janamae Abiaro, Stephanie Absalon, Sulaiman Al Hammadi, Jeremy Artates, Richard Balistreri, Cory Bitting, Jason Bontempo, Derek Buskirk, Mark Chien, Joshua Chilton, Talyssa D’avila, Phillip h. Fowler, Sandra Guillen, Mehmet Gundogar, Ian Heacox, Juan Ixta, Mai Kasahara, David Lopez, Luis Madrigal, Brad Marquette, Jesus Morocho, Andrew Nguyen, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Rojas, Kevin Solis, Yesenia Taylor, Alvin Vuong, Forrest Whitmore, Abel Zatarain.

As part of this project, Woodbury University successfully funded a Kickstarter Campaign and dedicated the project in memory of Mehmood Ahmet Ali.