Channel your inner graphic designer and match shades to a Pantone® color

Eating a colorful meal is an easy and fun way to consume a vitamin-rich meal.

The focus on the color of food comes from artist Tattfoo Tan’s intention of getting people to eat more nutritious meals. The compounds responsible for the color in many natural foods (phytonutrients) contain essential vitamins and are an important part of a healthy diet. Eating a colorful meal is an easy and fun way to consume a vitamin-rich meal. The colorful mural covers the walls on two floors of the museum, consisting of 58 colors representing 58 different fruits and vegetables that are commonly found in grocery stores and farmers markets.

Who Made This?

Tattfoo Tan is a New York-based artist, who playfully combines food and art to encourage audiences to live healthier and more environmentally sustainable lives. His work involves audience participation so that the making of art becomes a shared experience. Tattfoo designs his works to be transitory and conceptual in nature while also being engaging and educational. In regards to combining art and food in his work, Tattfoo says, “art sometimes can be intimidating; in contrast, we are very comfortable with food. If we can use food as a medium and infuse it with art, then that would be the perfect recipe.”


Accessibility Morning!

Join us Saturday, August 25th from 8:00am to 9:30am for a variety of high-sensory activities and designated sensory-break zones. Our Accessibility Mornings give special needs families the opportunity to explore the Museum with comfort and safety before the Museum opens to the general public. Register here!