live chickens!

This project is a chicken coop installed in the Museum’s Outdoor Terrace located on the Lower Level and visible from different vantage points and via our chicken cam.

S.O.S. 5p.m. West features egg-laying chickens living in the museum’s urban setting. The chickens are part of a larger art project that embraces a green lifestyle that is both healthy for participants and environmentally responsible. Tattfoo created the original p.m. project to house 5 chickens (or poop machines as Tattfoo affectionately refers to them) in his Staten Island home and studio. This project allows artist Tattfoo to demonstrate the hands-on steps that people can take to participate in creating a more sustainable environment. By raising egg-laying chickens, we learn about this natural process, provide a humane environment for our feathered friends and produce healthy, chemical-free eggs for consumption. The coop is not accessible for visitors but the chickens can also be viewed in our Museum via our chicken cams and direct interaction is possible at our Chicken Check-in through our hands-on workshops.

Who Made This?

Tattfoo Tan is a New York-based artist, who playfully combines food and art to encourage audiences to live healthier and more environmentally sustainable lives. His work involves audience participation so that the making of art becomes a shared experience. Tattfoo designs his works to be transitory and conceptual in nature while also being engaging and educational. In regards to combining art and food in his work, Tattfoo says, “art sometimes can be intimidating; in contrast, we are very comfortable with food. If we can use food as a medium and infuse it with art, then that would be the perfect recipe.”