Mithsuca Berry is a Haitian artist, educator, and storyteller from Boston MA. Throughout their practice they’ve transformed what creating art means to them. Each piece marks an epiphany in their journey of healing trauma – as it relates to existing as a black queer/non-binary person of Caribbean descent. Art has always been the intersection between their inner child and spiritual self. It responds to the question: How do I create an archive of imagery, recording the complex emotions that surface in my lifetime? As stories like theirs are oftentimes being erased. The intention is to sketch/write/RELEASE those examples into the world, for others who resonate to connect with. Their hope is that this process brings healing on a collective scale. Their work exists to protect the future autonomy of people like them. They say, “Society has always struggled with believing people like me exist, making my journey of coming into self inherently spiritual. My self love, my healing, my play — is an experience that bends the reality we have grown attached to. My hands were made to bring that “mythology” into every visual that I can. The whimsy, the grief, the resilience. Once I have brought that story into the world, there is no denying it exists. That is how we preserve our history, and pass it down to generations after us.” 

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