Did you know more than 80% of your child’s brain is developed by age 3? According to First 5 California, “a number of factors influence early brain development. These important factors include: daily experiences, parent responsiveness, nutrition, physical activity, genetics, and love.”

Our Toddler program is designed to value the whole child by nurturing healthy minds and bodies while engaging families with unique environments, qualified staff, and sensory materials that encourage active and creative play and emphasize developmental growth for the first years of a child’s life.

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We host Toddler Time every Friday at 10:00, with the generous help of ScholarShare College Saving’s Plan, which offers activities such as story time, finger painting, foreign language development, movement, music and so much more!


The newest addition to our Toddler program is our Tot Studio, which opened this past Sunday! This space offers visitors 4 and under the opportunity to safely explore and learn in a sensory space. The hands-on activities and guided experiences were created specifically with the needs of children in this age group in mind. Activities focus on exploration of the world through senses, development of fine and gross motor skills and opportunities to experience cause and effect. Our friends at Ikea donated beautiful, toddler-friendly furniture and decor to help us offer our visitors a comfortable and safe space!

Most importantly, our programs strive to encourage family learning environments.  Our early childhood education team develops thoughtful curriculum with unique hands-on opportunities that promote parent and child interaction as well as family to family collaboration.  Not only do these experiences nurture essential early childhood development skills, they also build positive social relationships and create a special community of members in the museum and in our city.

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