Spend your summer break with us!

NCM’s 2023 Summer Camp Sessions are Sold Out. 

For all sold out camps and summer studios, we invite interested families to submit their information via our waitlist. Camp spaces do often open up throughout the spring and early summer season. Camp staff will reach out to waitlisted families in the order of which submissions were received.

The New Children’s Museum offers camps (ages 4 – 9) and summer studios (ages 10 – 12) that are project-based and taught by professional artist-educators. The program encourages young artists to work individually and in small groups and offers activities where they can think, play, and create. All camps and studios take place from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday and include classroom time to explore projects and learn new skills as well as opportunities to enjoy the Museum. Family and friends are invited each Friday to exhibitions to view artwork created during the week. Spaces fill up quickly, so register soon! All members will receive a 10% discount on Camp.

Questions? Email us at camps@thinkplaycreate.org.

Already enrolled in 2023 Summer Camp? The Museum is partnering with our local café vendor, Bean Sprouts, to provide a pre-fixed lunch ordering opportunity for camp families! Museum camp staff will support with the lunch pick-up and distribution to campers. Orders should be placed in advance and directly through Bean Sprouts. Check out the Bean Sprouts menu and ordering details.


Member Pricing

5-day week: $360
4-day week*: $288

Non-member Pricing

5-day week: $400
4-day week*: $320

*4-day pricing is only available during the week of July 3 – 7 (no camp held on Tuesday, July 4).

Siblings get a 10% discount.

Explorers Camps Pre–K (ages 4 – 5); capacity max 10 students per week

Explorer camps offer art experiences and more to create an early foundation for creativity alongside daily trips to the Museum’s galleries to play within the installations. Family and friends are invited each Friday to an exhibition to view artwork created during the week.

2023 Dates

June 26 – 30 *SOLD OUT

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs 

Discover your inner biologist! Observe your world and explore making insect and other bug-inspired drawings, paintings, sculptures and more.

July 3 – 7 (no class on Tuesday, 7/4) *SOLD OUT

STEAM Explorers

Experiment with your creativity! Explore materials in a new way and take on creative, design challenges using your curiosity and invention.

July 10 – 14 *SOLD OUT

Superhero Training Camp

Calling all future superheroes! Join other heroes-in-training and learn how to make your own costume and discover your super strengths.

July 17 – 21 Comic-Con (no camp offerings)

July 24 – 28  *SOLD OUT

Locally Grown

Explore what lives in your local gardens! Create nature-inspired art and discover together what it takes to make plants and flowers grow.

July 31 – August 4 *SOLD OUT

Puppets, Play, Perform

Make, play, and perform together! Create puppets, construct costumes and share stories through imaginative play, performances, and songs.

August 7 – 11 *SOLD OUT

Tiny Toy Tinkerers

Put on your thinking caps! Design and create your own toys in this fun camp that is all about invention, creativity, and play.

August 14 – 18 *SOLD OUT

Mindful Movers

Create your calm! Enjoy mindfulness practices together through fun and flow-filled explorations of music, movement, and art making.

Makers Camps Grades 1–3 (ages 6 – 9); capacity max 15 students/week

Makers camps provide creative challenges and activities centered around art making and paired with daily trips to the Museum’s galleries to play within the installations. Family and friends are invited each Friday to an exhibition to view artwork created during the week.

2023 Dates

June 26 – 30   *SOLD OUT

Making Miniatures

Build a magical miniature world! Learn to design and build small scale using a variety of   fun materials and your imagination.

July 3 – 7 (no class on Tuesday, 7/4) *SOLD OUT

Fiber Art Fun!

It’s a fiber arts party! Learn new techniques for sewing and printmaking to express your creativity through this soft and flexible art form.

July 10 – 14 *SOLD OUT

Animated Art

Calling all animators! Learn how to show movement in art and to create characters, storyboards and animated short films using different media.

July 17 – 21 Comic-Con (no camp offerings)

July 24 – 28*SOLD OUT

Eco Art

Investigate the world around you! Create beautiful and Earth-inspired works of art using materials, textures, patterns, and colors found in nature.

July 31 – August 4*SOLD OUT

Sci-Fi Adventure

Robots, spaceships, and droids! Join us on an immersive arts adventure through the world of science fiction using creative art and writing projects.

August 7 – 11*SOLD OUT

Print Shop

Explore the many ways to print! Use found objects and other materials for printmaking   and to create multiple works of art on paper, fabric, and more.

August 14 – 18 *SOLD OUT

Build It, Shape It, Sculpt It

Bend, twist, and build with a variety of materials! Design your own sculpture creations using clay, wood, and other supplies to create unique 3-D art forms.

Summer Studios Grades 4-6 (ages 10 – 12); capacity max 15 students/week

Summer studios give artists the chance to work directly with artist-educators to explore the Museum and to learn new techniques and innovative approaches to art making. Family and friends are invited each Friday to an exhibition to view art work created during the week.

2023 Dates

July 31 – August 4*SOLD OUT

Mural Makers

Learn to work BIG! Join the creative community and discover the many steps taken to create magnificent, monumental-sized drawings and paintings.

August 7 – 11*SOLD OUT

Painters Studio

Express yourself through paint! Learn to mix, blend, and explore painting techniques on paper and hand-stretched canvas on your own and with a group.


For questions regarding camps, contact us at camps@thinkplaycreate.org.

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Northbound I-5 will be reduced to one lane through downtown San Diego from Friday 9/29 to Monday 10/2. Motorists are encouraged to use the Northbound 15. We are also accessible via the Trolley Green Line at the Convention Center stop.

Please plan accordingly!