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Renewing Your Membership

If you are getting close to your expiration date and you’re ready to renew your membership, now is a great time! You can renew online any time. Early renewals receive exclusive promotional benefits.

Email membership@thinkplaycreate.org for a promotional renewal code! 

Digital Membership Card

Access your digital membership card on your phone with the EMembership App. The digital card makes it easy to check in and enables you to receive updates and messages from the Museum. Click on the instructions link below and follow the steps. Special thanks to The Parker Foundation and the County of San Diego for helping make this possible. 

Digital Membership Card Instructions

  1. Download the EMembership App on Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Search and Click on The New Children’s Museum icon.
  3. Click on Find My Membership Cards.
  4. Enter your phone number associated with your membership or your membership number and your last name. Then click Find.
  5. All the members on the membership will appear with your membership number, membership type and expiration date. Click Download My Cards and your membership cards will appear.
  6. To load to your digital wallet on your phone, click Add to Wallet.
  7. To access your EMembership cards, open your digital wallet or open the EMembership App and click on Show My Membership Card.

Check Out our Member Family Spotlights

Each month we feature one of our member families on our blog. Interested in being featured? Fill out this questionnaire or contact membership@thinkplaycreate.org.


For questions, please see the Membership FAQs first, then contact Membership Services at 619 795 1465 or membership@thinkplaycreate.org.