How and where can I purchase a membership?

– You can purchase any level of membership online through our website, where you can sign up as a member or purchase a gift membership for someone special.

– You can purchase any level of membership over the phone by contacting a member of our Membership team. You can reach us directly at (619) 795-1465.

– You can purchase your membership at the Welcome Desk of the Museum. If you purchase admission and then decide to join, you may apply part of the cost of admission toward a membership on the same day of your visit at the Welcome Desk with your receipt. We will happily apply what you paid toward admission for the number of people that will be on the membership.

How can I buy a gift membership?

You can purchase a gift membership online, over the phone, or at the Welcome Desk. You will need to know the mailing address, phone number, email address and members’ names in order to complete the purchase of the gift membership. Please keep in mind that at least one member must be a child! The membership will be active as soon as the order has been completed.

Do members get a discount on Museum parking?

As a member , you will receive 50% off of the daily rate in our parking garage. These spaces fill up quickly, so be sure to arrive early or in the afternoon when there are fewer guests. There are many other parking and transit options to visit the Museum as well. You can also go green – take a bike, trolley, or bus to get to the Museum!

My guest passes didn’t arrive in the mail with my cards – where are they?

Level I and Level II memberships come with single-use guest passes so that members can invite their friends and family to the Museum. Your guest passes are digital and can be redeemed by telling the Welcome Desk Associate at your time of check-in. If you are not visiting with your guests, your guests will need to simply tell the Welcome Desk Associate that they would like to use a guest pass under your account.

During our Members Only Time, an adult member from the account must accompany the guest in order for them to gain entry, even with a guest pass.

Can I bring a guest during Members Only Time?

Yes, of course! We require that all guests are accompanied by a member in order to attend our Members Only Hours. Guests must pay admission or redeem a member’s guest pass to join you at Members Only Time.

How do I get my membership discount when making an online purchase?

In order to receive membership discounts through our website, you must first register as a member through our online portal by clicking the REGISTER button in the top right hand corner of the webpage. This will require you to fill out your contact information that was provided at the time of your membership purchase. During this process, you will also create a password that you will use to sign in to the portal to receive membership discounts in the future. All member discounts will be applied on the final page before the payment goes through.

What if I forgot my username and/or password to access the member portal?

Your Username is your email address. If you are unsure which email address you registered, please contact the membership department at (619) 795-1465. In the case that you forget your password that you created when registering online, you can request a reset link by following the “Forgot Password” prompts.

What membership benefits do I get at other ACM museums?

The Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) Reciprocal Network is a group of nearly 200 museums open across the U.S. and Canada that reciprocate discounted admission to one another’s members that hold membership of at least $125 in value. Being a part of the ACM Network grants a reciprocal 50% off general admission for up to six people. You can find a full list of participating museums through their website here. Reciprocal privileges do not extend to discounts for gift shop or cafe purchases, parking, special events, programs, summer camps or birthday parties.

How long will it take for my membership cards to arrive? What if I want to visit the Museum before my cards arrive?

If your membership was purchased over the phone or online, you should receive your membership cards within 2-3 weeks of signing up but will not need them to check in at the Museum.

If you purchased your membership at the Welcome Desk, you should receive your cards at the point of purchase.

If you did not receive cards for all adults on the membership, please let us know on your next visit and we will complete one for you. Your membership is active from the moment of purchase, whether purchased online, over the phone or at the Welcome Desk. All you need to check into The New Children’s Museum is your photo ID.

Where are my children’s membership cards?

Only the adults on the account will receive membership cards since children need an adult member to accompany them at the Museum.

What if I lost my membership cards?

No worries! Adults can check in at our Welcome Desk with a regular photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. If you would like a replacement, please let us know at the Welcome Desk and we can create a new membership card for you.

How can I update my member information? Can I change members on my account or make an upgrade to my membership?

All memberships require one named person per spot and cannot be switched between adults or children. You can update minor changes to your account, such as a new mailing address or phone number, at the Welcome Desk. To make member changes such as removing, replacing or adding a person to your membership, and upgrades to your membership contact our Membership department at (619) 795-1465 or

When do I have to list my child on the membership?

We ask that any person over the age of 12 months to be listed on the membership to receive member benefits and free admission.

Do members have to check in? Do I have to wait in that line to access the Museum?

Yes, members will need to check in at the Welcome Desk each time they visit The New Children’s Museum.

I am moving/I rarely go to the Museum and want to give my membership to a friend. Are memberships transferable or refundable?

All memberships to The New Children’s Museum are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Even if your membership goes unused, your purchase continues to fund the Museum’s mission and access programs.

What kinds of special events do you host for your members?

Please visit our Members Only page on our website or keep an eye out for our monthly e-newsletter. You can also always reach out to a member of our Membership team at the Museum by calling (619) 795-1465 or sending an email to

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