A labyrinth of rooms, nooks, ropes and continuous exploration

18,000 hand-cut wooden shapes were used to make The Wonder Sound at the New Children’s Museum.

Drawing influence from tree houses, empowered neighborhoods, canyons at night, sacred plants, silhouetted mountain ranges in the distance, animals that have never been seen, original stories, forgotten histories, whispered languages, ancient footpaths, imaginary places and the human condition, The Wonder Sound is an entirely new and complex culture that blends fact and fiction, the tangible and the ephemeral. It is a work of art that you physically enter into and discover.

Accompanied by an original/experimental soundscape by composer Joel P. West, the installation will take you to strange yet recognizable places.

Watch our All About Art episode on The Wonder Sound for a virtual, at-home experience of this art installation!


The Wonder Sound: A World Unfolding (Official Trailer)

Film By Bryan Bangerter

Part treehouse, part undiscovered world

The Wonder Sound invites you to explore through its many rooms and passageways, going from the real to the unreal, crossing the threshold from the known to the unknown, venturing from the wild to the familiar.

strange, yet recognizable places

Learn to read, write and speak the original language created specifically for this project, to name the constellations and to speak the names of the ancestors.

The Wonder Sound Garden

Take in the sights and fresh air in The Wonder Sound Garden that extends out onto the Museum's upper patio.

Who Made This?

Wes Bruce
1985, Arnold, California
lives in
Greely, Colorado

Wes Bruce is an artist, educator, illustrator, photographer and poet with deep roots in San Diego. In life and art, Wes is deeply curious about the world. His artwork sparks our innate wonder, leaving us exposed to the marvelous feeling of being surprised.

Wes grew up playing in the woods of Northern California, attended Point Loma Nazarene University, and now lives in Colorado. Check out Adventure Forest, the latest work by artist Wes Bruce at the Denver Children’s Museum.