Explore and play on a rainy day in The Rain House.

A much-loved and long-standing art installation at The New Children’s Museum.

The Rain House has been a signature piece welcoming visitors on the Upper Level of the Museum for almost two decades. The original Rain House was built for the Children’s Museum of San Diego/Museo de los Ninos in 1993 in the old warehouse, titled “Cora’s Rain House,” dedicated to Ernie’s first wife who passed away. The first structure had a corrugated tin roof and used sprinklers to create “rain.”  The current installation was built when we reopened in 2008.

Who Made This?

San Diego-based artist Ernest Silva worked in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, drawing and installation. His work relies on familiar or iconic imagery to create what he calls “visual storytelling.” He often worked with images from nature and likes to create artwork with multiple interpretations.

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