Ways of seeing the border

Large-scale murals depict the border from three different perspectives.

On the sides of the Museum’s entry bridge, three large-scale photo murals show different photographic perspectives of the U.S. to Mexico border fence at the point where the land meets the ocean. The image on the west side of the bridge pictures the view from the United States into Mexico. The image on the east side of the bridge pictures the view from Mexico into the United States. Underneath the bridge is an aerial image of the fence as visible via satellite, courtesy of the Big Pixel Initiative.

These three photo murals were created by artist duo Collective Magpie as part of the project GLOBOS, commissioned by The New Children’s Museum for the 2015 Eureka! exhibition.

Who Made This?

Collective Magpie
San Diego, California

Tae Hwang and MR Barnadas are two-thirds of Collective Magpie. Their “third” collaborator includes the hundreds of people who have engaged in their large-scale projects, often using everyday materials such as paper or balloons.