A place for connection and shared memories

A karaoke makeover transforms a California car into a place for connection and shared memories.

In Car-a-oke, you sing whatever comes on the radio as loud as you can, like no one is watching. The artwork recalls nostalgia for days when a favorite song would play and transform us into dashboard superstars. Then and now, the car gives us a sense of public-privacy that allows us to sing, make silly noises, or scream at other drivers– things we rarely do if we think somebody is looking.

In a sculpture of a 1984 Mercedes Benz, Car-a-oke questions the effect that the car has on the Californian, who spends an average of 90 hours a year in traffic. What does it mean to exist in a private space that travels all over public spaces? In a future where cars may drive themselves, what will we do while stuck in traffic?

biodiesel converted hipster car

The car is an exact replica of artist Nick Rodrigues’ 1984 Mercedes Benz, which he bought when he moved to California to attend CalArts.

Who Made This?

Nick Rodrigues
1980, Reading, Massachusetts
Los Angeles, California

A Futuristic Paradigmatramatist using physical forces to investigate subconscious drives at play in everyday life. Nick Rodrigues received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art(2003) and his MFA from California Institute of the Arts (2012). He ran the sculpture department at Boston Nonprofit Artists for Humanity from 2004-2010.  Nick lives and works in Los Angeles California.