Unsure of what to do with all of that extra Halloween candy? Here are some tips!

BOO! Halloween is over! OK, you and your family had a blast trick-or-treating for Halloween, but now you have a scary amount of sugar-packed candy and sweets. What is it good for if not for some cavity-provoking snacks or diet-breaking behavior? Well here are some other ideas to reuse your kids’ buckets-full of Halloween candy.

While this isn’t completely getting rid of all that candy, there are several recipes that you can find to incorporate those little pieces of chocolate goodness. Throw some snickers in your brownies, add Reese’s to your next birthday cake, or combine candy corn and m&ms to make a Halloween Candy bark. This way, you can make some fun sweets as a special dessert, or to give away as an autumnal treat! Or, for a little bit of a healthier option, throw some of those smaller chocolate morsels in with some nuts and dried fruits to make a hearty trail mix.

If you have room in your freezer, you can freeze your candy and save it for later. Keep some pieces of candy hidden in your freezer to use as “emergency” snacks. With the holidays right around the corner, you can use your Halloween sweets as decorations on gingerbread  houses or thaw some of those candies around Christmas time and use them for stocking-stuffers!

Sometimes, giving is the sweetest treat of all. If you simply just want all of that Halloween candy out of your house, there are several different organizations, including Ronald McDonald House Charities and Operation Shoe Box, to which you can donate all of your unopened sweets. If you want to avoid the post office, you can also drop off some of that candy to local homeless shelters, food banks, or nursing homes. Some organizations will even buy your candy from you!

If you weren’t able to resist the candy from this week’s holiday, join us at the Museum for some physical fun! Climb The Wonder Sound or race around Desert Derby with your family. Our park across the street is perfect for games of tag and the monkey bars are great for strengthening muscles. When you need a break for lunch, take a walk to the Gaslamp, located only a few blocks away from the Museum. Whatever you choose to do with your candy, we hope you had a BOO-tiful Halloween!

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