Early childhood enrichment classes that provide sensory play and art exploration through interactive, hands-on classes!

Calling all movers, shakers, and creators!

Here’s an inside look at The New Children’s Museum’s Little Learners Club!

Our Little Learners Club is a series of 4-week early childhood enrichment classes that provide sensory play and art exploration through interactive, hands-on classes. These unique classes foster healthy childhood development by engaging children’s senses in creative and fun ways. Each month, we offer a new series of classes that focus on stimulating senses through song, dance, art, yoga and more!

The New Children’s Museum promotes early childhood development through art and movement-based activities. Research shows that this type of artistic exposure increases children’s abilities in several key areas including “cognitive, social, emotional, physical, creative and linguistics” (pbs.org).

How does this happen? According to kidshealth.org, the more sensory- driven experiences a child engages in, the more neural connections form in their brain. These neural connections enhance brain functionality and help facilitate learning in multiple areas such as math and language. Overall, the more neural connections formed in the brain, the easier it is to retain information.

Still curious? Our Programs Lead Emma Bloom can tell you more! Emma plays an important role in the creation of these classes and she shared with us several of the benefits that these classes have to offer.

  • Coordination: All of the programs involve some form of movement, which helps children develop healthy habits early in life. They also help them develop gross motor skills, coordination and body awareness.
  • Socialization: The programs consist of group classes, providing children the opportunity to practice their social skills – they practice sharing space, listening and taking turns.
  • Nutrition: Children get to try healthy snacks, which helps little ones begin forming healthy eating habits.
  • Love of learning: Each class helps children begin to develop an early love of learning and art.
  • Caregivers benefit too! The professionals that we bring in are not just teaching the children, but they are teaching the caregivers. Adults can use the yoga moves, songs, games and skills that they practice in class when they get back home. Both parents and children can continue practicing towards these goals at home!

Little Learners Club classes are designed with all of this in mind, but most importantly, these classes are designed to be fun! We believe that fun, innovative and engaging activities provide the best environment for your littles to learn and grow.

Our February series of classes, Little Yogis, provides specialized yoga instruction for your toddlers, which is not just a fun way to bond with your little one. Practicing yoga postures and techniques encourages your child to learn healthy ways to resolve social and emotional conflict and helps develop concentration and focus (parenting.com). Last but not least, yoga is a great way to start developing a connection between your child’s body and their mind!

This March, we are introducing our Little Picassos classes that offer hands-on messy art-making! This series is led by art enthusiast and the owner of Pachis Art Studio, Juliana Flores. Little Picassos will allow your little one to think outside the box and explore through art and the creative process. This type of artistic expression and exposure to art is proven to help boost confidence and enhance future problem-solving skills.

Whether we’re learning new yoga poses or becoming the next Picasso, The New Children’s Museum is always making learning fun! We hope you and your little one join us for the Little Learners Club!

Our March classes take place each Monday in March, starting March 6!  Register Today!

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