Have you ever imagined a world where your artwork could come to life?

On March 26, The New Children’s Museum launched Sketch Aquarium, a new interactive digital installation that allows children to design sea creatures and watch them come alive in a giant wall-sized aquarium!

How does it work?

  1. Create. Children can let their imaginations run wild by creating unique and colorful sea creatures.
  2. Scan. Once completed, children’s masterpieces are scanned into a giant virtual aquarium.
  3. Within seconds, children can watch their drawings swim, float and move throughout the aquarium with other creatures.   They can even feed their creations by touching the screen and watch as the fish react to their movement.

Who designed it?

Sketch Aquarium was designed by teamLab, a Tokyo-based creative group whose goal is to achieve a balance between science, technology and art. This group of self-proclaimed “ultra-technologists” has innovated the world of art by allowing artwork to break free from static mediums and truly take on a life of its own. teamLab’s ultimate vision is that this type of 21st century art will not only allow the artwork to exist independently, but will also foster viewers’ ability to become part of the artwork themselves. teamLab has launched Sketch Aquarium installations in museums across the U.S. and Japan.

Why is it important?

  • Sketch Aquarium allows children to express their creativity in an open and highly collaborative environment
  • Children’s creations become an important element of a larger piece of constantly expanding artwork
  • Children can interact with the artwork they create and experience a cause and effect environment
  • Individual artwork is displayed for all visitors to enjoy and children get to watch as their artwork interacts with others’ artwork

Come join us!

Check out Sketch Aquarium on the Museum’s lower level and watch your artwork come to life.

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