Do it yourself: Monsters vs. Aliens Keychain

Make your own unique and silly creature using only a few materials from home! Our Monsters vs. Aliens Keychain project is fun because no two creatures will ever look alike. What type of creature will you make?

This project is currently offered in our Innovators LAB, but is easy enough to do at home. Visit our website for a full list of workshops and schedules.

guidelines + materials

AGE: 6 years old

TIME FRAME: 30 minutes


  • Straws
  • Yarn (thin yarn works best)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Bands
  • Glue (school or hot glue)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Keychain Rings


Step 1. Prep your straws by cutting a 1-centimeter slit into the top and bottom of your straws. If your straw is bendy, you might find weaving easier by cutting off the bendy part of the straw.

Step 2. Choose the color yarn you would like for the body.

Step 3. Cut three 6-inch pieces of yarn and one 2 to 3-foot piece of yarn. The longer the string is, the longer the body will be.

Step 4. Using the pipe cleaner, string the three pieces of 6-inch yarn through the three straws. Hook one end into the slit of the straw and tie the loose ends together into a knot.

Step 5. Next, loop the rubber band roughly three times around the straws. This helps to hold them together in a line.

Step 6. Tie your last, long piece of yarn to one of the end straws and begin weaving. To weave, loop your string under and over one straw and under the next. Repeat this process and remember to occasionally push down your weaving to make room for the body to grow.

Step 7. When finished weaving, tie off the end and push the weaving towards the single knot.

Step 8. Remove the straws. Then, tie the loose ends into another single knot to hold the body in place.

Step 9. Cut off any unwanted excess yarn. Keep it for wacky hair or tentacles.

Step 10. Next decorate the body. Weave pipe cleaners into the body or decorate by gluing googly eyes on.

Step 11. Finally, attach the keychain ring through the top knot! Now you can attach your silly creature to a set of keys, backpack or whatever you like!

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