Calling all Summer birthdays!
Did you know you can celebrate your child’s birthday at The New Children’s Museum?


We took some time to interview Caitlin Wion, our Welcome Desk Lead and Birthday Party Booker, to learn more about the great birthday parties you can host at the Museum.

  1. Tell us a little about the birthday parties at the Museum.
    It’s a great opportunity for people who enjoy our Museum to make their children’s birthdays unique. Kids can be creative and imaginative in the Museum as well as have a private party room for something extra special!
  2. You are the Museum’s official Party Booker – how do you help out?
    I spend time on the phone, e-mail and meeting with our birthday families to ensure they have a complete vision of what their birthday party will look like and answer any questions they have. I stay in contact until the day of the party to make sure they have everything they need! Usually the birthday family checks out with me at the Welcome Desk, so I get to make sure they enjoyed their party!
  3. What are Birthday Party Facilitators?
    Birthday Party facilitators are helpers, or party experts, who set up the room before the family arrives. They help them get their stuff in the room and make sure their guests play and come back for cake time. The facilitator is a superstar because often they have back-to-back parties, so they have to get the party room cleaned up (with the help of our Operations team), get the next party set up, and take a lunch within a short amount of time! They are true champions!
  4. What is your favorite thing about booking birthday parties?
    When I first started coordinating the birthday parties I actually facilitated a few and it was nice to interact with the families and see the kids so happy and excited!
  5. What’s your favorite part of a birthday party (the present opening, singing happy birthday etc)?
    Well…my favorite moment was when at one party the kids wanted to go out and play and a little boy screamed out to them “NO! WE CAN’T MISS THE CAKE IT’S THE BEST PART”  So I’d have to agree with him, it is the best part!EE 2
  6. What’s something funny you’ve overheard at a Museum birthday party?
    A little girl turning 6 said “I want to live at the Museum!” This was great because not only does she love the Museum she loved her party as well!
  7. Why are birthday parties at The New Children’s Museum special?
    Our Museum is special and creative, having a child’s birthday party here allows family and friends to enjoy the museum together and have a private room to celebrate the special day!!

Want to celebrate your child’s special day at The New Children’s Museum? Contact to start planning today!

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