Young book lovers might be familiar with the colorful Joyride mobile bookshop that pops up at community fairs, parks, schools and other kid-focused nonprofit organizations and businesses. In 2023, founders Katie Turner and Susie Horn found a new home at The New Children’s Museum downtown when they opened Joyride Bookshop @ NCM.

Friends through their children, Turner and Horn hatched the idea for Joyride during the pandemic. They turned to their youngsters for feedback and input as they crafted a mission to provide a space for all children to discover the wonder, humanity, and capacity of books created and curated just for them. They also were determined to focus on community partnerships, like the one with NCM. The Joyride Truck was a hit at the recent Mass Creativity Day held annually at the Museum.

Their new, permanent home at NCM is located on the main floor of the Museum. The new shop offers books from independent publishers, as well as books created by historically resilient authors and illustrators from around the world. You can also find unique and locally sourced art and toys, as well as NCM merchandise. Member discounts are available.

About Joyride

At Joyride Bookshop, we strive to include many voices, many perspectives, and many ideas on our shelves. Children who visit our shop will find a story that reflects their own lived experience. They will also find stories that contain experiences very different from their own – that open their eyes to the wonder, beauty, complexity, and difficulty of the world but do not condescend to them or dismiss things they know to be true. We want them to laugh and play and question and, most importantly, feel seen and valued within the pages and spaces we offer. Welcome to Joyride Bookshop, where we have a book for all children, everywhere.

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