Museum Cafe is under construction!

Starting February 1, our cafe will be under construction. Our Welcome Desk has a list of family-friendly restaurants nearby (or check out the list here).  Check back often to hear more about our new cafe.

While our cafe space is under construction, our Museum will be welcoming food trucks during the weekends! The following food trucks will be featured during different weekends through March 4-May 7.

Sub Fusion

At the Museum: March 4, March 25, March 28, April 1, April 8, April 16, April 22, April 29-30, and May 6-7

Born in Brooklyn

At the Museum: March 5, March 11, March 19, March 31, April 9 and April 15

Zoe’s Place

At the Museum: March 12, April 2 and April 23

Avian House

At the Museum: March 18, March 26, March 29 and March 30

American Flavors

March 27


Please note that UNION AVENUE will be closed this weekend for construction. Anticipate traffic on FRONT STREET and MARKET.