The New Children’s Museum offers grade appropriate lesson plans that align to the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards and the Common Core standards and address diverse topics. Our lesson plans are designed to be used in the classroom as part of your curriculum or to enhance a visit to the Museum.

Layered Landscapes

Create a landscape collage representing the use of clean energy.

Car of the Future

Use recyclable materials to construct a car of the future whose features directly solve an identified problem.

California Gold Leaf Postcards

Design a California-inspired postcard decorated with gold leaf to send to someone living in another state.

Clay Concept Car

Explore representational subtractive sculpture by carving a vehicle from a clay block.

California Poet Tree

Create a collaborative class tree using California leafshaped rubbings covered with student-written Haiku poems.

Topographical Sand Maps

Work in teams to build threedimensional topographical map models using sand and paper.

Shower Timer

Students will think about ways to save water in their homes and create a shower timer to help reduce the shower time for them and their family.

California Fruit Faces

Explore the agriculture of California and create collage portraits (magazine and drawn image collages of faces) incorporating California-grown plants.

Early Closure

The Museum will close at 2pm on Tuesday, Jan. 21 for a private event. Please check our calendar before planning your visit.