Downloadable Lesson plans

The New Children’s Museum offers lesson plans that give students the opportunity for self-expression while learning a new technique or skill. Our lesson plans are designed to be used in the classroom as part of a curriculum or to enhance a visit to the Museum.

Lesson Plans for Teens
Lesson plans designed for the Lindsay Community School are for high school students and originally part of our access programs to provide art kits and virtual art instruction in the community.

Summer Sky Watercolor

Blend watercolors to create a summer sky.

Mind Heart Poster

Use print-making techniques to create a poster with a message of self care.

Healing Strings

Create an artwork out of yarn based on colors that represent your healing emotions.


Inspired by an Audre Lorde quote, use various mediums to create a visual representation of how you feel.

Face It

Create a self-portrait by cutting construction paper into facial contour lines.

Chakra Cypher

Learn how to layer and blend colors that represent Chakras.

Resist x Intersect 

Utilize tape and watercolor paints to create artwork that symbolizes acts of resisting and intersecting.

ToCAREtherness Wreath

Create a fall wreath made of paper hearts with the help of family and friends.

Fall Leaves in the Breeze

Create a collage of fall leaves with handwritten messages that represent the transition of seasons.

Who Are You Thinking Of? 

Design a postcard inspired by someone you know and write a handwritten note to them.

Hello My Name Is 

Explore freestyle art and design by drawing an illustration around your name.

Me Poem

Transform an autobiographical poem into a piece of artwork with chalk and other drawing materials.

Eye See Drawing 

Create your visual representation of the world, using lines, text and shapes. Watch the video tutorial here.

Lesson Plans for Ages 4+
Inspired by the Museum’s art installations and studio spaces, these lesson plans are for children 4 and up to experience in the classroom.

Clay Houses

Build a miniature dwelling out of clay that teaches basic sculpting skills.

Creature Collages

Design a collage with unique animals placed on landscapes made of found images.

Heather’s Spooky Sculptures

Make spooky sculptures out of clay that teach basic sculpting skills.

I know what I saw – stickers

Create and print stickers inspired by UFO sightings.

Layered Landscapes

Create a collage landscape out of tissue paper that explores human interactions with the environment.

Preposterous People Pots

Make funny-faced pinch pots with limbs that depict silly and vibrant characters.

Story Tiles

Paint an image representing a narrative, which are then tied together to create a collaborative quilt.

Troy’s Favorite Clay Hamburger

Make a tasty hamburger out of clay that teaches basic sculpting skills.

Enhanced DIY Blogs for virtual learning

Our enhanced DIY blogs provide step-by-step instructions and additional learning activities of art projects for children ages 4 and up. Designed to supplement virtual/distance learning at home, these blogs were originally created for the Museum’s pARTners in Creativity access program, in which we continue to send hundreds of learning art kits to partner community organizations. Learn more about our pARTners in Creativity program here.

DIY: Teddy Bear Tote

Create a simple, no-sew tote for carrying stuffed friends using just scissors and a T-shirt.

DIY: Holiday Pop-Up Card

Ring in the holiday season and explore engineering with this fun and simple pop-up card project.

DIY: Color + Light Catcher

Create a mini window mural exploring color and light inspired by Energized.

DIY: Cardboard Collagraph

Create a collage on a cardboard printing plate, then make multiple prints of your design.

DIY: Woven Pencil Cup

Use yarn to weave up a colorful cup for holding school supplies.

DIY: Groovy Dip Dye Art

Create fun and unique designs on paper towels using food coloring and water.

DIY: Paper Collage Challenge

Challenge kids to design a paper collage made up of cut pieces of paper.

DIY: Plastic Bag Prints

Explore the magic of printmaking by layering colors using makers and Ziploc bags.

DIY: No-Sew Superhero Capes

Discover your inner superhero with a simple, no-sew cape project!

DIY: Ice Cream in a Bag

Make delicious homemade ice cream from simple ingredients in a bag.

DIY: Homemade Kites

Use home items to put together a lightweight work of art and beginner kite.

DIY: Cereal Box Guitar

Create an artistic guitar made from repurposed items found at home.