The New Children’s Museum offers lesson plans that give students the opportunity for self-expression while learning a new technique or skill. Our lesson plans are designed to be used in the classroom as part of your curriculum or to enhance a visit to the Museum.

Clay Houses

Build a miniature dwelling out of clay that teaches basic sculpting skills.

Creature Collages

Design unique animals and place them in newly created places, turning familiar found images into new landscapes.

I know what I saw – stickers

Create and print stickers inspired by UFO sightings and what could be possible.

Layered Landscapes

Create a collage landscape out of tissue paper with man-made elements to explore human interactions with the environment.

Preposterous People Pots

Make funny-faced pinch pots with limbs that depict strange, silly and vibrant looking characters and faces.

Heather’s Spooky Sculptures

Make spooky sculptures out of clay that teach basic sculpting skills.

Story Tiles

Paint an image representing a narrative on a Story Tile, which are then tied together to create a collaborative quilt.

Troy’s Favorite Clay Hamburger

Make a tasty hamburger out of clay that teaches basic sculpting skills.