see, share and make art together

How can art bring us together? The Community Gallery, presented by Kiwanis of San Diego- Downtown, is a space where you can see and learn more about art made by local artists, schools and community groups, and participants from programs offered at the Museum. You’ll find their artistic contributions throughout the space – displayed on the floor, walls, and sometimes even the ceiling. While in the Gallery, we hope you’ll be inspired to join this artistic community by taking part in the collaborative art experience – a chance for everyone who enters to create together and celebrate the learning and connections that come from it. The art that you help create will grow over time and become a part of the work on view and the wider Museum world. There’s no one way to add your ideas. We celebrate individual contributions and hope you enjoy an open-ended, exploratory experience in working with fine art materials and processes.

Currently Featured: The Museum's History + The Future

Phase I: The Community Gallery walls currently feature the story of the Museum. This year marks 10 years as The New Children’s Museum, but our rich history in San Diego includes a 35-year journey layered with multiple facilities, name changes, locations, staff, partner organizations, supporters and visitors. As we celebrate our history, we acknowledge all that we’ve accomplished in the past 35 years as well as the role our organization continues to play in the community. Please stop by and review our timeline, see pictures from the past and share a memory of the Museum with us.

Phase II: As we celebrate the past through the timeline display, we invite our visitors to look towards the future with us! Please stop by and drop a postcard to your future self in the space-age time capsule, read a book about the future, or share your own story on our rainbow timeline.

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Past Installation Themes

Youth Art Month

Youth Art Month 2018
Building Community through Art

In celebration of Youth Art Month 2018, The New Children’s Museum showcased student art from our San Diego community. Youth Art Month is an annual recognition of the importance of visual art education hosted each March by the Council for Arts Education (C.F.A.E.) and is celebrated across the country through exhibitions of youth art.

On in The Community Gallery were unique puppets made by first grade students at High Tech Elementary North County in San Marcos, CA. These students created these works as part of a unit on puppetry in which they explored puppet making, script writing and performance.

Thank you to the exhibiting students and to their participating educators!
Rina Vinetz, Arts Teacher Jamelle Jones, First Grade Teacher Sandy Park, First Grade Teacher Jennifer Larsen, First Grade Teacher Frances Sweeney, Apprentice Teacher



Mass Creativity is The New Children’s Museum’s signature community outreach program executed in partnership with local community organizations. It includes a series of workshops designed to inspire imagination and creativity, and make art-making accessible to families that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it. The program culminates in a free celebration each June called Mass Creativity Day. This program showcases the Museum’s commitment to arts access as it brings together diverse families from across San Diego County to celebrate our shared creativity and our unique city.

Since 2013, Mass Creativity has:

  • Reached over 13,000 people from as far north as Vista to as far south as San Ysidro.
  • Partnered with 14 community organizations that serve diverse communities such as refugees, immigrants, individuals identifying as LGBTQ, families experiencing homelessness, individuals with mental disabilities, aspiring first-generation college students, and more.
  • Provided over 100 annual Museum memberships to families at no cost.

Me + Yarn + You

Artist: Alyson Benford Blum

Fiber artist and elementary art educator Alyson Benford Blum brings her love of weaving, color, texture, and found natural materials to this inaugural installation in The Community Gallery. Alyson’s work includes ribbon-wrapped lanterns dropping down from the ceiling, fiber-wrapped branches resting in boxes on the wall and a tied fabric curtain hanging down from the ceiling. Her goal is to create a soft, warm and welcoming space that invites people of all ages to come in, slow down and relax as they see and take part in exciting explorations in fiber arts.

As an artist, educator, and mother of two, Alyson enjoys the flexibility and family friendliness of working with yarns and fabric, which she carries around in her purse and displays at home. In both her practice as a visual artist and educator, Alyson enjoys incorporating an innovative use of materials. The floor looms in the center of the room are made from found branches and recycled fish nets. Included among the materials available for weaving are recycled Sari ribbons, collected natural materials and repurposed fabrics and yarns. Alyson’s own works, as well as her lessons for adult and child audiences, are rich and layered, and she embraces opportunities to challenge herself creatively and tap into her ingenuity. She loves turning ordinary materials into beautiful works of art.

Little Learners Club

Little Learners Club is BACK for October, featuring a 4-week music class series led by Songbirds Music instructor, Diana Davidson. Register today!