An interactive mural between two worlds

The citizens of the Mor Universe can’t wait to meet you!

The World of Les Mor and Mor no Mor is an interactive mural that spans from the Museum’s main level to the upper level. The mural depicts two worlds: Les Mor on the upper level with friendly feathered fellows, and Mor no Mor on the main level with mischievous cave dwelling creatures. Travel between the two worlds through the magical elevator portal and help the citizens of each world stay in touch by passing on their mail!

Who Made This?

Marcus Deridder and Taylor McCabe
San Diego, California
lives in
San Diego, California

Artists Marcus Deridder and Taylor McCabe are self-trained contemporary artists focused on creative and collaborative site-specific art practices. Deridder and McCabe created this mural while working at The New Children’s Museum (teaching artist and visitor experience specialist, respectively). One of several staff mural submissions, The World of Les Mor and Mor no Mor was selected by the staff to be the Museum’s first in-house created mural. This one-of-a-kind experience exemplifies the artists’ talent in engaging audiences and reimagining two-dimensional spaces.