An exploration into the complexity of waste.

The artists in TRASH, each with differing prerogatives and intentions, share the common desire to draw attention to an invisible issue that increasingly dominates our lives.

Did you know that in the United States, annual production of waste has tripled since 1960? That the average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash every day?  In this exhibition, our mission is to change how we see trash, and changing perspective starts by asking more questions.

Featured October 2011 – September 2013.

Scroll down to view the installations featured in this exhibition.

Comair Rotron

By: Mike Eastman

Stereo Trash

By: Kota Ezawa

The Complex, SD/TJ Hillside-12

By: Kianga Ford

San Diego Midden

By: The Institute For Figuring

Three Horned Beast (and Baby Beast)

By: Layer


By: Jessica McCambly

Pictures of Garbage

By: Vik Muniz


By: Jason Rogenes

Psycho Spaghetti Western #1

By: Ed Ruscha

Secret Garden

By: Shinique Smith


By: Chris Sollars

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