Enlist in our spy agency here

This summer, you can explore an unusual “spy clubhouse,” where you’ll find a series of mysterious messages in a strange alphabet never before seen by any human! You can use tools, training and even a friend to help you find messages, crack the code and more! Do you have what it takes?

We’re working alongside artist Wes Sam-Bruce and using this innovative space to prototype and test for The Wonder Sound – a new interactive art installation. Click here to learn more about The Wonder Sound

Who Made This?

Wes Sam-Bruce is an artist, educator, illustrator, photographer and poet with deep roots in San Diego. In life and art, Wes is deeply curious about the world. His artwork sparks our innate wonder, leaving us exposed to the marvelous feeling of being surprised.

Wes grew up playing in the woods of Northern California, attended Point Loma Nazarene University, and now lives with his wife and best friend, Emi, in Colorado.