make your own music!

Part kitchen and part recording studio, the hybrid space designed by artist and musician Ross Karre includes musical instruments cleverly made from everyday kitchen appliances and utensils.

This art installation celebrates how the kitchen and all of the activities that take place there are often the nucleus in most homes. Check out the pots and pans drum kit, tile marimba, tin can xylophone and more. Ross also provides a microphone where you can sing and add vocals. At the dining table you can record and mix all of the sounds you create with an iPad app. Once you fine tune your song, listen to your newly created music through the provided headphones. By following these simple steps, you will be able to create original, electronically altered music and save it to share later. In the Sound Kitchen, you get to be a chef, a musician, a singer and a recording engineer as you explore the sonic potential of food preparation. Find us on the Main Level around the corner from the Welcome Desk.

  • Play the instruments and make sounds into the Vocal Mic with strainer pop filter with your friends and family.
  • Record the sounds at the Dining Room Table iPad Station with the LoopyHD app.
  • Share your creations with the world on

Who Made This?

Ross Karre is a musician and video artist, specializing in experimental and contemporary classical music. He is serious about play because it nurtures creativity. His daily practice includes sound exploration with everyday objects, classical percussion instruments, and electronics. Ross interacts with his instruments in numerous ways including striking, rubbing, scraping, bowing and vibrating. Ross belongs to a century-long lineage of musical explorers using everyday and industrial objects to create new sound worlds from Luigi Rusolo and the Futurists to John Cage.