it’s time to go bananas!!!

This artwork is the first “course” of the Feast that awaits you at the museum! The wallpaper covers the bridge on all sides and features the most commonly eaten banana species, the Cavendish.

The interior walls depict spinning bananas that are both peeled and unpeeled and include scratch and sniff sections. The outer surfaces of the bridge show a more traditional wallpaper pattern inspired by Victorian-era wallpaper designs. In addition to being a really cool thing to look at, we also have “scratch and sniff” sections, turning the bridge into a multisensory experience. The bridge can be viewed from different vantage points in the museum including the Lower Level.

  • Take a walk across the bridge and notice the details. What do you see? What gets repeated and how?
  • Check out the scratch and sniff sections and touch them. What does the scent remind you of?
  • How many bananas do you think were used to make the patterns?
  • Count the bananas!

Who Made This?

Fallen Fruit is comprised of two artists, David Burns and Austin Young, who work with fruit as their primary medium. As “fruit activists,” their work examines the role of fruit in people’s lives in relation to urban space and community development. By leading interactive workshops, such as jam making and planting fruit trees, Fallen Fruit aims to create a new kind of culture based on communal resources and active participation.


Museum Open Memorial Day 5/27

NCM will be open Memorial Day, Monday, May 27.

Plan your visit!