I know what I saw, or do I?

A 20-foot long mural questions the possibility of life outside Earth’s realm.

Is earth the only system capable of hosting intelligent life? Have we been visited by something, anything that could qualify as extra-terrestrial?

Look closely at the desert scene depicted in Matthew Bradley’s I know what I saw — museum display mural, and you might notice something unusual. Nestled in a dazzling sunset scene is an unidentified flying object: a “UFO” hovering just above the horizon.

I know what I saw – museum display continues artist Matthew Bradley’s ongoing investigation of the possibility of life outside of Earth’s realm. Each landscape painting in Bradley’s I know what I saw – museum display series features an extraterrestrial aircraft in an urban or rural scene, derived from photographs and video stills of unexplained aerial phenomena.

I know what I saw – museum display reminds us that though we have made profound leaps in understanding of space and time, we can still find ourselves bemused by the spectacle of a breathtaking sunset, an unearthly cloud formation, or a flash of light that we can’t quite explain. In those moments of awe, we look up and wonder: are we alone in the universe?

Who Made This?

Matthew Bradley is a San Diego based artist who utilizes various media and materials to explore myth, belief and identity. Bradley has an MFA from The School of Visual Arts, NY, NY, a BFA from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and has been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad.

I know what I saw – museum display, is part of an ongoing project that components of which are also included in the Intergalactic Dreaming exhibition at the San Diego International Airport (through Dec, 2017).

Lower Level Renovations

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