A vibrant mural of color and energy

An exploration of color, light and visual communication at the intersection of art and science.

Energized is a 28’ by 13’ mural on the windows of the Museum’s makerspace, The Rosso Family Foundation Innovators LAB. As the Museum’s 2020 artist-in-residence for the Innovators LAB, Regan Russell explores color, light and visual communication. Russell finds that working with color gives him a sense of discovery in the same way children learn. “As a child, you’re drawn to color, you associate abstract things like emotions with color. I want to have the same epiphanies,” Russell says.

For Energized, Russell studied the movement of the sun in the Innovators LAB to support his design process. The placement of abstract shapes and the color palette are deliberate. Over the course of several hours as the sun moves from east to west, Energized will create a vibrant color dance around the Museum.

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Energized Mural Time Lapse

Watch the installation process of our new transparent mural, Energized by Regan Russell, on the Innovators LAB windows, facing Front Street!

Who Made This?

Regan Russell
Honolulu, Hawaii
lives in
San Diego, California

Regan Russell is a San Diego-based artist and illustrator whose work focuses on pop culture, identity and celebrity. As part of his residency in The New Children’s Museum’s Innovators LAB, he is designing art projects that explore color, light and visual communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. Russell also participated in the Museum’s reNEWing Hope art auction. Russell has exhibited works in a solo show at the Little Dame Shop and in group shows including the San Diego Central Public Library’s Art Gallery, Thumbprint Gallery in La Jolla and Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles. Russell studied Visual Art at the University of California, San Diego.

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