A discovery of the crucial experience of play.

The New Children’s Museum’s opening exhibition, entitled childsplay, advanced the Museum’s pioneering legacy of commissioning established and emerging artists to create work that engages children. The exhibition’s title is a reference to the art of Allan Kaprow, one of the most important artists to have made work for the Museum in the past. His approach to inciting a kind of installation art and performance piece that came to be known, in the late 1960s, as a “Happening,” serves as inspiration for all of the art in childsplay.  Like Kaprow’s art, all the works in childsplay are springboards for experience, and an invitation to explore new ideas.

Featured May 2008 – October 2009.

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Texture Forest

By: Tanya Aguiñiga

The Archive Project

By: María Alós

(Constructing Backwards)

By: Gustavo Artigas


By: Lee Boroson

Harmonichaos 2.1

By: Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

A Bird's Playground

By: Alberto Caro
(Still featured in front of the Museum)

No Rules, Except... (2000/2008)

By: Allan Kaprow, reinvented by Brian Dick

Pink Bridge

By: Maurycy Gomulicki

"Don’t put that in your mouth”

...and other good advice from my mother

By: Mark Mulroney

Fibonacci's Coop

By: René Peralta

Eye Spy



By: Nick Rodrigues

The Legway

By: Roman de Salvo

Building Houses/Hiding Under Rocks

By: Aaron T. Stephan


By: Diana Thater

Tent City

By: Zlatan Vukosavljevic


By: Writerz Blok
Featuring Chor Bookie & Pose 2

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