An examination into issues of our shared environment.

Changes in our shared environment, rising rates of extinction, new conceptions of animal rights and genetically informed ideas about the increasingly narrow distinction between the human and animal kingdoms are all issues that have led to the urgency and passion that informed the artists’ work in Animal Art.

What do we see when we look at animals? What is it like to be an animal? Artists in this exhibit explore how and why animals excite the human imagination.

Featured October 2009 – September 2011.

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Missing Links

By: Felipe Dulzaides

Animal Perspectives

By: Sam Easterson

Agartha; Quetzalcoatl; Return of Trilodon; Venus

By: Jason Hackenwerth

Cougar; Large Antelope; Dumbo; Fishstick #3

By: Jeff Irwin

Untying Space

By: Sun K Kwak

Zebra Crossing

By: Julio Morales
In Collaboration with David Goldberg

Toy An Horse

By: Marcos Ramírez ERRE

Apex Chariots

By: Roman de Salvo


By: Mungo Thompson

Animal Aktion

By: Perry Vasquez

Barn Dance

By: Alison Wiese