“It is such a neat experience being able to specifically focus on the art I do alongside the creative side of kids.”

Summer has ended and school has started back up, but the family fun doesn’t need to end! September will be packed with engaging workshops and artistic opportunities for children of all ages at the Museum. The Little Maestros musical classes will strengthen little ones’ fine motor skills and expose them to musical play, and Museum members will be able to invite a couple friends for Zovargo Animal Encounters on Bring-A-Buddy Day, September 17. Additionally, throughout the month of September, members of The New Children’s Museum will have the opportunity to enjoy the interactive activities of the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum in Escondido with free reciprocal admission!

This month, we are thrilled to introduce Brittany, one of our amazingly creative Teaching Artists as our Staff Spotlight!

What is the best part about working at The New Children’s Museum?

All of the kids and their range of energy levels and capacities for creativity.

When you’re not working at the Museum, what do you enjoy doing?

I like going to shows and supporting local artists, from performing arts to visual arts, and finding time for my own art some time in between. I enjoy yoga as a practice for personal meditation; I also enjoy eating at the many craft restaurants of San Diego – it’s a foodie haven! I am also happy to be in natural settings, whether on a hike or during a camping trip.

What is your favorite thing you’ve been a part of at the Museum?

I love the camps; specifically camps that I have helped to develop with my own curriculum. This summer I taught an expressive art-making camp that was predominantly influenced by my personal art as an artist outside of the museum. It was such a neat experience being able to specifically focus on the art I do alongside the creative side of kids, especially the older kids (ages 9-12.)

Name something that you’re great at doing.

I’m really good at listening, especially when it’s from a child. I’m really good at reading faces – the goofier the better!

Tell us a fact that most people don’t know about you?

I really enjoy singing and writing; two areas of my artistry that are largely unnoticed because I tend to be a bit closeted about them.

What is something that Museum visitors absolutely shouldn’t miss before they leave?

For ages 6 and up, you have to visit the Innovators LAB. The open-ended experience could keep you there for hours. I suggest asking a Teaching Artist to challenge you because we do have a surplus of ideas, but we need the collaborators to execute them. Sketch Aquarium is a magical place and any visitor, especially first time visitors, would readily agree that it has a unique environmental quality.

Who is your favorite artist, and why?

This is usually based on where I am and what I’m feeling. Lately in the music world I have been super inspired by Siouxsie Sioux because of her incredible sense of fashion and musical capabilities. Visually, I am constantly being entranced by Jackson Pollock and his larger-than-life compositions.

Tell us about your art!

My art is a wide range of media. I personally pour my soul into painting; however, I will often utilize materials such as paper, pictures, employing collaging and the full spectrum of color. Abstract expressionism would by my main school of following. I tend to work with whatever interests me visually for a canvas.

What is the hardest Secret Spy mission that you have ever completed? What mission should new spies try next time they visit the Museum?

The hardest mission I’ve ever completed was to find the cow in the condo tower across the street from the museum. Every spy should explore their sculptural talent on the Paint & Clay Patio.

What do you love most about the day-to-day programming of NCM?

Toddler Time! There’s several activities every Friday, depending on the day. I mainly read stories for Toddler Time: Story Time. The art of story-telling is a big passion of mine that I enjoy doing most in front of young audiences.

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