january member spotlight: danielle meyers

Meet this month’s Member Spotlight! Danielle and family are new to the Museum and have been members for one month! The family includes Danielle, her husband Jason and their daughter Zoey (13 months old).

Tell us about you and your family!
Danielle: My husband Jason and I moved to San Diego from New York nine years ago. We now have a 13-month-old girl, Zoey, who is a very active and happy baby. Zoey was born without her right hand, but that is not slowing her down one bit!

What brought you to the Museum?
D: We wanted a place for Zoey to experience new things, especially at this crucial point in her development. We love supporting local arts and culture, and heard great things about the Museum from friends. We also wanted a place where she can meet other kids her age.

What has been your favorite experience at the Museum so far?
D: Zoey loves No Rules… Except. She has so much fun crawling around on all the surfaces there. We also really enjoy the new tikitiko exhibition. It is calming but also has so many sensory activities to explore. We love reading books and hanging around in that beautifully designed space.


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