Can you believe it’s May already?! This month, we are celebrating a member family that is near and dear to our heart – the Cohn family! Keep reading to learn more about them and their long relationship with us here at The New Children’s Museum.


1. Do you remember your first time you visited the Museum?

The first time we went to the museum Jaylen was 2 years old…and he didn’t want to leave! Not only was he blown away by all the levels of fun things to do and create, but we knew that our first visit was just the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship between our family and [The New Children’s Museum.]

2. What is/are your favorite thing(s) to do at the Museum?

Our favorite activities at the museum range from the fun filled family night out events, amazing parent/child cooking classes to the interactive workshops that are offered daily. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the outdoor clay station, paper making area and keva blocks. We love the varied hands on activities [the Museum] offers and over the last 5 years our son has also enjoyed the inspiring summer camps. We love it all if you can’t tell! ; )

3. What’s the best/funniest memory you have at the Museum?

It’s really difficult to pick only one best memory since we’ve had countless over the years so I’m giving you a couple instead. Jaylen celebrated his 3rd birthday at the museum and as always the entire experience and staff were over the top. That birthday celebration was one of our favorites!

Another fond memory is watching our son grow up with the museum. When he was younger he would play for hours among the giant fruits and veggies and get soapy wet playing bubbles on the outdoor patio. Now that he’s older he enjoys the staff/artist led workshops where he’s drawing, building and designing. Just watching him engaged and having fun always makes our hearts happy.

4. Favorite spot for lunch in San Diego?

Our favorite lunch spot in San Diego is Saiko sushi. We are thrilled another one of our favorites, Lobster West (from Encinitas) is coming to Coronado this month.

5. Who would win in a Car-a-oke contest?

Hands down Jaylen would win in a car-a-oke contest…not even a close tie. He’s the singer/performer of the household.


6. Quick! What’s the first word you think of when I say New Children’s Museum?

Jaylen said, “cool.” I said “inventive.” Andy says, “Mind expanding fun.”

7. Favorite weekend activity (besides visiting us, of course 🙂 )

Our favorite weekend activities besides visiting the museum would be a day at balboa park, swimming and grilling or going on a picnic by the water..anything outdoors in this beautiful city!

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