“I was hesitant to bring them to the Museum because I didn’t think that they would be able to do much. Of course, I was mistaken … The experience was magical!”

The Big Exchange is back! Don’t forget that beginning May 1st, you will be able to participate in The Big Exchange. With your membership to The New Children’s Museum, you will have access to over 30 museums, gardens, and historic sites throughout San Diego for the entire month of May!

This month, we are proud to introduce Niamh, Victoria, Sofia, and Madeleine Khairy as our Member Spotlight!

Tell us a little about your wonderful family!

Victoria, Sofia and Madeleine are 3.5 year-old triplets. They are curious, clever and active little girls who keep us busy. Eric and I (Niamh) are originally from Canada. We relocated to San Diego nearly three years ago, when our girls were just 11 months old. We are fortunate to live a few blocks away from the Museum, which allows us to visit frequently.

Do you remember your first time visiting the Museum?

I will never forget our first visit to the Museum. Our girls were 15 months old and were still learning to walk. I was hesitant to bring them to the Museum because I didn’t think that they would be able to do much. Of course, I was mistaken! We discovered Wobbleland, an active play space full of giant fruit and vegetable sculptures, and the girls immediately started crawling, climbing and exploring…the experience was magical!

What is/are your favorite thing(s) to do at the Museum?

We absolutely love the new installation, Sketch Aquarium!!
We love discovering the secret rooms of the Wonder Sound.
We enjoy making piggy banks and turtles at the Clay Studio
We like playing dress up in the California Dream State.
My personal favorite is meditative sand-play in the Sandbox Gallery: a pocket of quiet time for everyone!

What’s the best/funniest memory you have at the Museum?

Madeleine loves to get messy when she is painting outside. On occasion, she puts down the paintbrush and reaches shoulder-deep into the large paint buckets and uses her arms to paint.

Favorite spot for lunch in San Diego?

Our family loves Souplantation. It’s a family-friendly restaurant where we can load up on a variety of fresh salads and then have a frozen yogurt for dessert.

Who would win in a Car-a-oke contest?

It would be a tie between Eric and Sofia.

Quick! What is the first word you think of when you hear New Children’s Museum?

Madeleine: “I feel like I’m happy!”
Victoria: “Happy!”
Sofia: “I feel excited!”

Favorite weekend activity (besides visiting us, of course.)

We enjoy hanging out at the “Park at the Park” (i.e. Petco), going to gymnastics class and making sand castles at the beach.

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