It is a level of interactivity that I haven’t found at any other place that we patronize, and it’s arguably the best kept secret of the Museum.

Happy March! How are we into the third month of the year already?? March is going to be a fun month here at the Museum, from Irish dancers on March 18 to the opening of our newest installation, Sketch Aquarium, on March 26- we have something for everyone in the next few weeks!

March also bring a new Member Spotlight and we’re featuring Eamonn Doyle and his family. Read on to find out more about this wonderful family!

Tell us a little about your wonderful family!
My son Silas is 9 years old now. He is a physical kid, as well as a bit of a math buff, so things like “the castle” (as we call it) (i.e. The Wonder Sound) upstairs really peaks his interest. He also really enjoyed the decoding exhibit, some of which still remains on “the castle”. Naima is 5 years old and in her first year of kindergarten. She’s a rough and tumble kind of gal, so being able to be some place with exhibits that are truly interactive has really been great for her. Keira is 2 years old. She has to keep up with her brother and her sister, so on more than one occasion she is up the rope ladder or already taking her shoes off to get in the” jumpie” as she likes to call it.

Do you remember your first time visiting the Museum?
Our first time was more than a few years ago. We started with the library pass to the New Children’s Museum and after having that for a little while we decided to take the plunge and become members. The first visit was a lot of fun. The kids, only Silas and Naima at that point, were instantly hooked on everything. Up the elevator, down the stairs, down the elevator and up the stairs again. They were pumped and they wanted to come back the next day (which incidentally, I think we did).

What is your favorite thing to do at the Museum?
Currently “the castle”, as well call it, has everyone’s attention. Now that Keira has really shown a proficiency for climbing the ropes, I feel pretty confident in letting all three of them roam freely throughout the exhibit.

What’s the best memory you have at the Museum?

I think the best memory, for me, was finally realizing that many of the staff were there to interact with the kids. Silas wanted to do some decoding, but I was busy with the girls and had to tell him to wait awhile. All of a sudden he’s talking to one of the staff members, as he is a very outgoing kid, and before you know it they’re off working on a decoding project. It is a level of interactivity that I haven’t found at any other place that we patronize, and it’s arguably the best kept secret of the Museum.

Favorite spot for lunch in San Diego?
I would say Mitsuwa is one of my favorites. There’s nothing like a good old bowl of soba noodles to fill you up. Burger Lounge is also a big hit with the family.

Who would win in a Car-a-oke contest?
Clearly I would win at this point in time. However Naima is developing into a rather good singer, so I might have some competition soon.

Quick! What is the first word you think of when you hear New Children’s Museum?
Favorite weekend activity (besides visiting us, of course.)
Balboa Park and all it’s perks is a close second.

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