march member spotlight: jake nelson

For the month of March, we’re featuring Jake Nelson and his family of five! They’ve been members for almost a year now and enjoy visiting the Museum often. As a professional rugby player and coach, Jake spends a lot of time with his family. “We travel a lot together to games, tournaments and clinics, so it’s very cool to have such an awesome experience at the Museum during the week and on the weekends,” Jake shared with us. Below, Jake shares more of his family’s favorite experiences at the Museum.

What brought you to the museum?

J: I have a flexible work schedule and spend a lot of time with our kids. So, passes to the zoo, aquarium and the Museum are awesome currency with kids.

What do you remember from your first time visiting the Museum?

J: I’ve always been impressed with features inside the third floor maze (The Wonder Sound). This is something special, but next on the list (for everyone) is No Rules…Except.”

What’s been your favorite experience so far?

J: The Members Only events we’ve attended have all been fantastic for the kids and it allows us to share the museum with our friends and family.

What is the craziest or the coolest thing you’ve created with us?

J: We get some wild designs in Sketch Aquarium.

What’s the best/funniest memory you have at the Museum?

J: Best memory is our first day in as members and watching the kids explode with joy when you tell them we can come back every day.

Quick! What is the first word you think of when you hear New Children’s Museum?



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