february member spotlight: lauren lundquist

Meet this month’s Member Spotlight! Lauren and family are new to the Museum and have been members for two months! The family includes her wife, Danielle, and their twins, Maverick and Ava (16 months old).

Tell us about you and your family!

Lauren: My wife and I met back in 2014 and have been married since September of 2018. We went through IVF and, on our first attempt, ended up with twins! Their names are Maverick and Ava. We both are full-time, career-driven moms who are trying to find a balance of work and family life. We devote all our free time to our twins and were recently provided with this membership from my parents as a holiday gift! This is something we will continue to enjoy as a family outing for years to come!

What brought you to the Museum?
L: The twins’ grandma saw how many amazing installations the Museum had to offer. Our daughter, Ava, is really into tactile and our son, Maverick, is very into music. We all agree this would be the best use of our weekend time each week to reconnect as a family and continue to stay active in our community!

What has been your favorite experience at the Museum so far?
L: My favorite experiences are the vast installations offered at the Museum, the amazing and helpful staff and all the room for the kids to explore! They love it! Seeing my family able to connect with no outside distractions and enjoy eventful hours exploring is my absolute favorite time of the week!

Any fun facts about you?
L: I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where I grew up going to the children’s museum as family outings with my parents and siblings. I am a first-time mom of twins who went to culinary school back in my 20’s. I call Maverick and Ava my sous chefs and love that I can teach them the art of cooking and how to be creative. I think The New Children’s Museum also provides that same platform for children!


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