What is your favorite thing to do at the Museum? Turn the kids loose! “Do whatever you want. We’ll follow.”

Happy December! Can you believe it’s the holiday season already? We’re celebrating at the Museum with holiday themed activities and special holiday promos including Membership Gift Boxes that you can add on to a Gift Membership for just $5- this includes wrapping, a Museum drawstring backpack and extra guest passes!

This month we are also excited to present our December Member Spotlight Family- Doug Gates, Laura Garret, Cecily and Theo!


Tell us a little about your wonderful family!

The four of us live in Little Italy with our two cats, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Poe. Both of us work, both kids go to school, and our nanny, who might have orange or blue hair today, fills in any gaps. Before kids, our house looked clean and modern but now that our seven-year-old has discovered art supplies and crafts and wants to display the dozens of new things she makes every day, we have trouble finding major pieces of furniture. It’s a problem.

Do you remember your first time visiting the Museum?
Yes! The building was beautiful. We couldn’t figure out if it was an art studio, a playground, a library, or a science exhibit. We couldn’t believe that it was all those things with a cafe.

What is your favorite thing to do at the Museum?
Turn the kids loose! “Do whatever you want. We’ll follow.”

What’s the best/funniest memory you have at the Museum?
For whatever reason, a few years ago someone on your staff thought it would be awesome if kids dressed up as lettuce. Yes, lettuce. So, they put out some lettuce costumes and our daughter decided to dress up and rocked it.

More recently, our four-year-old cajoled his adult-sized parents to follow him and crawl into the spoon room. He was so excited to let us on the existence of a secret room. With spoons.

29326124774_188463efa1_oFavorite spot for lunch in San Diego?
Sandwiches at the Mona Lisa deli counter in Little Italy. Tacos at Salud in Barrio Logan. The kids love ordering their own sushi at Kula on Convoy, mostly because if you order five plates, you get to watch a short animation and if you order 15, you get a small plastic prize.

Who would win in a Car-a-oke contest?
Our daughter. She’s shameless.

Quick! What is the first word you think of when you hear The New Children’s Museum?

Favorite weekend activity (besides visiting us, of course.)
Coffee shops, climbing gym, craft breweries, playgrounds, and the Central Library.


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