april member spotlight: Francinete Guitunga

Meet this month’s Member Spotlight! Francinete and her family are new to the Museum and have been members for less than a month! The family includes her husband and three children, Sajida (7 years old), Ahmed (4 years old) and Fatima (2 years old). Francinete and her family love visiting the Museum as a special getaway and fun activity for the whole family!

Tell us about you and your family!

Francinete: We are a family of five! My husband and I have three children, Sajida, Ahmed and Fatima. We live in the Inland Empire, so about 90 minutes away from the Museum! The kiddos are home-schooled except for Ahmed who is on the Autism Spectrum and attends special programs.

What brought you to the Museum?

F: We wanted to do something over the winter break as a family. The Museum is the perfect distance that feels like we went on a day trip, but not too far that Ahmed can’t handle it! It caters nicely for the interests of all three children! It’s a nice place to go on long weekends or school holidays!

What’s been your favorite experience at the Museum so far?

F: Oh man! All the kids enjoyed Whammock!. Ahmed wouldn’t come out!

Any fun facts about you?

F: My hubby is Turkish and I am from Mozambique!


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